About Me

About Me

I have been a Trustee for over 25 years and now act as an Independent Trustee (always as chairman). I have implemented or been involved in the majority of transactions and changes which can affect pension schemes - including a ground breaking rescue operation for UK Coal. I have particular experience of governance, negotiations and all types of  investments (both traditional and alternative).

I currently chair schemes with a combined membership of over 100,000 and 6bn under management.

I work with several professional advisors from a number of different firms and have developed a strong network of contacts.

As an Actuary I have developed my experience in pensions over 25 years - directly involved in all aspects from investment through benefit design to administration and outsource contract negotiations.

For the last twenty years as I have built my pension scheme portfolio I have engaged in a number of consulting assignments - setting up the processes and staffing for “With Profit Committees”, advising on and subsequently negotiating major outsource contracts and advising on pension scheme benefits. My focus is now entirely on my role as Independent Trustee.

I have attached a full CV at the link below for your convenience .

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Some Pensions events I have managed through:

  • Investment Strategy reviews and implementation (including LDI).
  • Demerger and separation of pension schemes.
  • Setting up of new DB and DC scheme from scratch - recruitment of trustees, appointment of advisors etc.
  • Closure of DB scheme and launch of DC benefits - including changes for Budget 2014.
  • Scheme Specific Funding contribution negotiations.
  • Covenant assesments.
  • Negotiations and creative solutions around corporate events.
  • Private Equity leveraged buyouts.
  • MNT selections.
  • Advisor, Administrator and Investment Manager selections.
  • Trustee appraisals.
  • Liability Management exercises - including Enhanced Transfer and Pensions Income Exchange.
  • Longevity Swap.
  • Partial entry to PPF.
  • Full buy-in to buy-out

My Values

Professionalism: You have the right to receive the kind of quality service you expect from a professional. Our industry is always evolving and the needs of clients change as new opportunities and issues emerge. You can rest assured that, working with me, you will be kept up to date with the latest developments.

Teamwork: I make it my responsibility to know you, your scheme and your business. I work closely with you and your advisors to ensure that the any solutions provided are tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges.

Relationships: My highest priority is the best outcome for the members of the pension scheme. That is best achieved by all the stakeholders working together in shared understanding of the issues. Open and honest exchange of views and information are essential to the maintenance of long term relationships (our schemes will likely outlive us all). You can expect me to go the extra mile in those difficult situations which occasionally arise in all schemes.


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