NAPF (National Association of Pension Funds)

The NAPF is an influential industry body also providing education and up to date news for registered members.

PMI (Pensions Management Institute)

The professional body for those of us working in the pensions industry. Another useful source of up to date information and news.

The Pensions Regulator

Not as dry as you might think. Excellent source of up to date information. Also provide an email news service you can subscribe to. Perhaps best of all you can sign up for the Trustee Toolkit online training which is very good - particularly for those less experienced in Trustee duties. You can go directly there with the following link.

Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme Website

You might find it useful to look at a very straightforward implementation of a scheme website - it only cost a few thousand pounds to produce, is simple to update and provides a platform to build on as members increasingly expect to find information online. Take a look - it might give you some inspiration for your own website.

Do come back later - I intend to add more useful links to industry sources and helpful groups over time.


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